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Reasonable divorce settlements

Divorce is never an easy matter, especially when children or finances complicate issues. But it is possible to reach a consensual agreement that works for everyone. Save yourself from hardship by choosing divorce or facilitative mediation prior to, or immediately after, filing for divorce with the help of Christina M Mayer Law Firm today.

Rings Couples

It's a problem-solving strategy that helps you find solutions based upon the needs of every participant, in everyone's best interests, through the help of a neutral facilitator. Many courts now require couples to go through mediation prior to litigation. A trained Domestic Relations Mediator is necessary to ensure this process is both fair and neutral.

What is facilitative mediation?

She can help you identify and gather information so it's easily accessible to everyone involved. She is here to keep you organized and communicating and to act as a resource for ideas, information, and options to give both parties an understanding of the issues. She will help you negotiate a fair and equitable settlement and facilitate cooperation after the divorce is final.


She is also here to facilitate with:

• Child support

• Ongoing child issues

• Alimony

• Property division

• Post-divorce issues and more

Christina M Mayer can help negotiate

0 Risk, No Fees or Cost if you are unsuccessful in winning your case.


Let her over 20 years of experience guide you toward a solution that works

for everyone.

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